Architectural Planning

The most important moments in our lives take place in our homes, our offices, our vacations, the places we were raised in, the locations we have visited . . . Eventually, we’re left with the thoughts how we would have liked our home to look and feel like . . .


And therefore, for me, the whole process begins by listening.


Listening to what the client wants, his ideas, concerns, hopes, and of course – his dreams.

Many questions are asked . . . sharing his/her descriptions, pictures and memories.

We share ideas to help the client to organize and articulate the vision of his home.

And then we make it happen.


We feel responsible that alongside with all the other demands and desires, the buildings would match the budgetary constraints without compromising on professionalism and unrelenting quality.


Our office produces the most professional and detailed shop drawings, adding to the execution process sequence, without unnecessary delays – great saving of time and money!

Our shop drawings are meticulous to the last detail, produced with utmost precision and maximal attention, intended to avoid the tiniest mismatches in construction and execution, entailing demands for demolition, repairs, rebuilding and extra expenses for the client.


We love our work and invite you to share your process of creation, together with us.