Architect Maya Ardel-Maik, M.Sc. graduate, completed her studies cum laude (2002) at the Faculty of Architecture of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

The heart/core of my belief and planning approach, rests on the combination of professionalism and uncompromising quality, flexible thinking, updated creativity and “thinking outside the box”.

All these are offered through constant dialogue, accounting for pre-defined budgetary constraints, matching schedules and a full-fledged commitment to our clients.

My engineering background and knowledge is combined with in-depth comprehension of planning and construction regulations in general, and in village estates in particular. The integration of these assets in the process of work and planning, renders to our office a significant advantage in this sphere. This advantage greatly contributes to the process of building and the bureaucratic steps, in order to achieve the desired results for the client, and do so in the shortest time possible, without unnecessary financial expenses.

The office has an excellent reputation and offers years of experience in the planning of private homes and houses in village estates, luxurious villas and other unique projects. All our houses, in addition to meeting the spirit of time and place, also perfectly match the client’s wishes and dreams.

Maya Ardel-Maik
Architect License No.: 114368